Writing while Chasing Children


Even if they aren’t screaming, young children tend to make writing a little difficult. If you have an infant, you’ve likely been writing one-handed. If your sweet baby is now a toddler, your computer keyboard will be occupied by their little fingers faster than your cat, and peeling them off will result in tantrums of the third degree. Thinking of trying a little VTech or LeapFrog computer to make everything seem fair? Ha! It’s still not the one you are using and is therefore insubstantial. (more…)



So, this guy, Robert J Randisi has written over 500 novels. He doesn’t always stick to one or two genres, but he is most known for his mysteries and western novels. Now, granted, I am not one to go out and buy a mystery or western, but that doesn’t make me less impressed. In fact, now I’m intrigued.


Yesterday, I looked at the sky over the stop light and imagined people, at least a couple, bursting through the meteorological gloom with all their joy. Just the thought made me feel kind of strange, like when you pass two kids having their first kiss and you know that your trajectory is an insignificant tangent off their cloud 9. Today, I am on the other side of that experience. Keep Reading