To Call

To summon forth

To beckon

To phone (someone)

To call.

It’s finally the day’s finale. I looked at the dishes and dared to say no. They are in there. They are waiting. It’s like the beginning of some horror story where you can probably guess the outcome. I’ll wash them in the morning.

Have you ever looked at a fable or fairy tale and wondered what spurred the author to create it? For instance, I am in exactly the same mood that Mr. Grimm must have been in when he wrote “The Elves and the Shoe Maker.” Maybe if I leave a nice fresh cloth out with the soap right next to it, the dishes will miraculously be done when I wake up. I would definitely start leaving treats out for an elf like that. No problem.

Have you ever written a fairy tale? What state of mind or situation were you in that gave you the drive to write it?

If you have an unpublished fairy tale, the Giants and Ogres anthology has a call for submissions. The deadline is September 18, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Now that the kids are all tucked in, maybe will whip one up too.


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