Snakes and this poem, “Alcohol’

Have you ever caught a snake? My sister used to own one, a big boa constrictor. She called her Boots. There is a picture of my sister with her too-tired eyes, smiling up at this snake. Boots looked like she was about to climb right up the wall from my sister’s arms.

It’s not that I dislike snakes, I just don’t have a fascination with them. That’s fine if they want to crawl around under the leaves and rocks in my yard. I say go ahead, do your snaky thing. But holding even a sweet live one is just not my proverbial cup of tea, and a dead one? Nah, I’ll let someone else have their picture with it.

This is a poem about one man and his snake photo. I think it’s worth passing along.

Mark Cox, “Alcohol”


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