Necessary Disruption

Parenting is not always easy. Writing is not always easy. Writing while parenting feels downright impossible sometimes. My most successful writing schedule is when I wake up around 5am so I can have at least 30 minutes of solid writing time before my usual routine. However, with a baby that sometimes doesn’t sleep until 10:30pm, waking up 45 minutes early often feels like a bad idea. When this happens, and it usually happens, I try to write during my son’s morning nap. When he doesn’t nap, I try to write in between feeding him lunch. Today I got in a whole scene. The characters were in, the action begun, and…BAM! My sweet little baby started teething. He didn’t want a nap, he wanted to eat his clothes, then crawl around, then find the dog bowls, then he was tired, but he couldn’t sleep.
Fast forward seven hours.
I’m back to the story, but now I’m conflicted on where I want it to go and how I want the main character to evolve. It’s suddenly a different story. Is the change better? Maybe. Picking up after hours of baby drama is somewhat frustrating, but I feel like, at least in this situation, it may have been a necessary disruptive period. Maybe baby drama is exactly what this story needed.
Have you ever experienced something like this?
I like watching my work evolve into something I didn’t expect. It’s like watching the weather change into something the meteorologist never predicted.


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