So, this guy, Robert J Randisi has written over 500 novels. He doesn’t always stick to one or two genres, but he is most known for his mysteries and western novels. Now, granted, I am not one to go out and buy a mystery or western, but that doesn’t make me less impressed. In fact, now I’m intrigued. I want to know what he’s writing.

Among other writers, Randisi was interviewed by Darrell Pitt for his book, Secrets of Successful Writers, in an effort to uncover valuable writing tips and advice. Apparently Randisi writes between 10 and 40 pages a day, writing from 11am to 4am with a nap to break up the day when working on two books at a time. As a writing mom, picturing being able to sit and just write for hours like that is pretty wild. I mean, if I can fit in a page, a paragraph, a poem, or even just a haiku somewhere in my day, I feel accomplished. Part of the problem, I feel, is that I am most inclined to write during morning hours, but waking up earlier than 5:30 never appeals to me. I used to keep index cards on hand, but all of them have become the ideal option for coloring, apparently. I’ve also looked at options such as the Alphasmart Handheld, which is no longer in production. That might offer me a few more minutes in my day, since I could write while nursing at night or while making breakfast. The problem with having hours to work is that by the time my day is done, with the kids asleep and the lunches packed, I seldom have more energy than it takes to snuggle my hubby,  whom I love dearly.

After reading that interview, I wanted something inspiring as a parent. So, I looked up this interview with JK Rowling, because she finished her books with a small child in her life. Well, she “dashed to the cafe” every time her daughter went to sleep. That does sound like a wonderful idea. However, I have two sweethearts, and the youngest doesn’t nap for more than ten minutes at a time. So, until he goes off to school, that’s about as much time as I’ll have to get anything done. To be honest, usually I rush around putting away dishes or washing laundry, since that’s also difficult to accomplish while he’s awake. I suppose I’m in the mindset right now that in order to have more time to concentrate on my success as a writer, I have to sacrifice something, like a clean(ish) house or snuggle time with my hubby.

How do you fit in your writing? What is your secret? Is it possible to have clean laundry, clean dishes, happy children, a healthy marriage, and success as a writer? That sounds like a tall order, but I’m determined to fill it.


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