When Did You Find yourself Lost?

Waking up to read short stories before sunrise might be one of my new favorite things. It feels like all the sneaking out I never did when I was young. Now, I’m doing it. It feels great.

I’m interested in finding the pivotal sentence in stories, in studying it. What was the last story you read? At what point did you find yourself lost in it?

This morning, I’m reading Mary Hood’s “Lonesome Road Blues.” In this story, at least for me, I was completely sucked in at the sentences, “There was an intermittent flicker of flashbulbs, like heat lightning. Applause like chicken frying. The curtain swept closed, and the emcee announced…” That was it, I was completely in the story. It was no more just me following the lone woman; I was there with her.

I love good writing. I love the compilation of sentences lined up just so. It’s like magic.


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